Wednesday, 26 February 2014

PS4 (Gadget of the Week) #1

This week was a close call. However, after much debate, Sony's very popular PS4 edges for gadget of the week! Check back next week to see who will win next time!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Greatest Gadget of the Week!

From now on we hope to publish an article about the newest and craziest  gadgets of the 21st century Every week . From radio controlled cars , to virtual reality headsets we'll be covering it all . From the light bulb  to the laptop , electricity and engineering has evolved immensely . Most people however don't have the time to keep up to date with the fast moving and advancing power of electricity and engineering . Simply by visiting this blog every Friday , you'll be able to gain a strong understanding of whats happening in the electric world as well as being able to impress your children and friends.

Over time we hope to cover and review most of the gadgets on the market or in development today , but if there are any gadgets you think we should cover or if there is something about what we've that you don't under stand  or something you wish to know just post a comment in the comment box below.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

iPhone 5S vs Samsung S4 (Battle of the Smartphones!)

In the following smartphone showdown, we will debate which smartphone is the best; Apple's iPhone 5 or Samsung's Galaxy S4.

When deciding which phone to go for, you have to first look at the prices. iPhone 5S prices start at a whopping £549.99. On the other hand, the Samsung S4 starts at around £420. As a result, due to the price range, you could have already made your decision. However, if you haven't, it is important to note that the iPhone 5S is constructed out of laser cut sapphire crystal whereas the Samsung S4 is completely based around plastic much like it's predecessors.

Also, what phone you decide to get will also base on what you are going to be using the phone for. For example, the Samsung S4 is better for movie watching and surfing the net with it's massive 5 inch screen. On the contrary, the iPhone is better for playing games has has a better security level. Without doubt the Apple app store is the best because it contains millions of apps,games, movies and more. Due to fingerprinting tecnology, with the iPhone 5S you can lock your phone with your fingerprint. However, the S4 boasts other gimmicks such as being able to scroll down pages on the internet with your eyes and a face recognition system which you can lock you phone with.

When it comes down to battery life, the S4 is much better than the 5S. When used at an average rate, the 5S lasted 1 and a half days before needing a charge whereas the S4 outlasted it by quite a margin!

Overall, if you have the money and will be using the phone for mostly gaming and general use of apps, go for the Apple's iPhone 5s. However, if you will be using the internet more often then not on the phone and watching movies then go for the Samsungs S4!

Pat & Jamie

Operating systems explained!

An operating system is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides the service for computer programs. For example , when you turn your computer on it will normally flash up with a symbol or brand name ( windows etc.) that will represent what operating system your computer is using. The operating system manages the overall look and feel of the software on the device and how it will be displayed. It also has it's own defaults such as the search browser (Internet Explorer, MSN)

For example if you compared an operating system to a book , the pages on the inside would represent the software on the device and the cover would represent the operating system because it displays the look and feel of the book. The earliest computers didn't have operating systems and would crash regularly and all computers were the same. The first operating system to be made was the " Lyons electronic office" which was supported by the British business firm J.Lyons and co.

-Pat & Jamie

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Best iPhone case!

Aaarrgg. Remember that time when you just dropped your iPhone. Remember how it cost a fortune to fix?Well, with the new "invincible case" that's all about to change. No more worrying about damaging your iPhone ,  no more holding on for it for dear life!

Unlike any other case on the market , people feel confident and sure that there iPhone will survive until the next day . With a solid plastic energy absorbent casing and an added layer of toughened rubber this case is truly unbreakable. Designed to last and withstand , for the first time people are reassured that there iPhone  is safe.

Tested by being thrown at a brick wall  you can be sure that the "invincible case" by Ballistic will live up to it's expectations. The new "invincible case " will put thousands of iPhone users at rest and will ensure that your phone doesn't suffer a scratch. With 2 strong layers and a clip to attach to your belt the "invincible case" is truly remarkable. With a belt clip you can be sure that not only will your iPhone be resistant , but that it will always be at your side instead of at risk of theft in your handbag or pocket.

-Pat & Jamie

Computers vs Laptops!

Computers have astonished and amazed the world since the 1970's and  have evolved extraordinarily . Every body up to the 1990's or at least a percentage of that would have had a computer in there house to use. But since the release of laptops and the existence of many new internet orientated jobs people have had a hard job deciding which one to get . If you are in this position at the moment and do not know which one to get , read this blog to put your mind at rest.

Computers are less portable than laptops and are usually faster and have a larger memory. Because computers have higher RAM and storage space they will be better for jobs that require programs that contain alot of memory. They will also be faster if your job requires browsing or surfing the internet a lot. Consequently , computers are better for permanent and daily work.

Laptops are very portable and are reasonably fast and have reasonably high memory . But , they are not as fast as computers and would serve better as temporary work sources or just to use on the odd occasion . Due to their increased portability, a laptop would be a better choice for you if your job contains a lot of travelling a lot.

Overall, when deciding between a computer/PC and a laptop, choose according to your circumstance: if your device will be kept indoors in an office or a home, go for the computer. On the other hand, if you are going to be travelling and need the extra portability, go for the Laptop!

-Pat & Jamie
Gadgets Monthly